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  In December 2007 Swedish Game Awards held a WarmUp competition in which the teams were given one week to make a game. The theme was not revealed until one week prior to the deadline, so that noone would be able to get a head start. The theme turned out to be "Vikings in the Future" - The main character had to be a Viking, and it had to take place in the future. Another rule stated that the game had to be played in 2D.

After a few ideas about point-and-click adventures and Yetisports clones, we finally had a vision of a two player game, top-down view, where players would smack enemies around and get bonuses for passes and volley-hits. However one week turned out to be too little time for all that. But the finished result, if I may say so myself, and I may, because that original vision was in MY head, and I am the only one who ever saw it, turned out pretty close. But unfortunately only for one player.

After we had submitted the game to the competition, I felt I wanted to finish it, I wanted to spend maybe another week or two on it. The features added after the competition are mostly outside of the actual gameplay, such as internet highscores and a buddy system. In-game we added a combo system and an E.M.P. bomb. And we tweaked the difficulty heavily. In the competition version, you were supposed to play only for a few minutes and I wanted people to actually play until game over, and so the game was incredibly difficult and totally unrelenting on the player. This was the main complaint received from players. We still had to make it so that players wouldn't grow tired and turn it off before game over. If you quit you don't get to the highscore screen! Some people are still complaining that they are fucked if they ever fall over. My answer to that is this: First off, don't fall over. Secondly, as soon as you realize you are about to fall, start discharging the E.M.P. It removes all bullets and disables most enemies in sight. And finally, we changed it so that you no longer have to restart the level with all enemies restored if you die. Instead you respawn a bit back, invulnerable for a few seconds.

We have also incorporated an auto update system, so if we somehow find the energy to add more features in the future, they will automatically show up in the game.

The game is free, hope you like it. We just couldn't justify charging money for a game created in one week. Let's just say our honour forbids it, and if you want to buy us a beer, buy Wallbusters when it is released.

And now, what you've all been waiting for:

Download Warchief Longhorn with Ageia Drivers (52 MB)

Ageia drivers are required for the game to work, no matter if you have PhysX hardware or not. The included Ageia drivers were up-to-date as of Nov 20, 2007. If you want to ensure that you have the latest Ageia drivers, you can get the latest drivers from Ageia.

To change resolution or switch to fullscreen, edit the file options.cfg with Notepad before starting the game.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, so please go to the forum and tell us what you think.
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